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OneBrand Image was founded by Andrea and Jimmy Malik based out of Washington, D.C. The designer and owner, Andrea Malik, began her passion for HTML and Web Design during the age when social media was born, Whilst exploring the potential that HTML and CSS coding had to offer with simple blogs. Andrea started this business as a hobby when she was still working full time as an accouting staff at a catering company and maintaing small updates on the companies website. Doing so, she realized the potential when helping a few friends with their small business brochure sites. This became a full time endeavor when Andrea decided to take a year to care for her first born son.  Andrea not only has the capability to accomplish your desired website aesthetics but will also keep your website running smoothly by keeping up to date with new methods on how the website industry is growing,  not only do we offer web development needs we also optimize all websites to meet the customers business needs with content managements, email marketing tools, wordpress and web design tutorials, social media marketing, blogging marketing and endless training and business tips for  our customers. 

Jimmy on the other hand, not only has an entrepreneurial background, but he has been in the telecommunications business for over 12 years. He has the experience needed to run multiple different business, and knows what it takes to make your business successful. With his extensive background in the Washington, D.C. area, he is known to be able to promote a business. He has extensive experienced in marketing and the algorithms of social media.

Jimmy’s charisma and Andrea’s knowledge and keen eye for detail compliment one another for what a website designer and marketing business can do for your business and brand.

“I accomplish your vision with your input, and your relationship. You are our main focus while we carry out your project, I want to get to know the person behind the idea in order to give your business a face that represents the brand. I thrive on your feedback and suggestions. ” -Andrea Malik, Founder

“OneBrand Image was founded with the idea that you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to promote your business. Technology has made it easy for you to have your website up and running with the simplicity of many user friendly platforms for you and your customers. We welcome any feedback. We do it with integrity, honesty, and passion!” -Jimmy Malik, Co-Founder

Andrea Malik

Andrea Malik

Founder & Lead Designer
10 Years of experience. This includes, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Content Management, SEO, Social Media Algorithms, and Business Management

Jimmy Malik

Jimmy Malik

12+ years of experienced in Telecommunications, Non-Profit Sector
Branding, Networking, Social Media Algorithms, Business Marketing,
Campaign Marketing, Fundraising